A prank website that lets you send poop in the mail is hacked

A prank website that lets you send poop in the mail is hacked

A prank website that lets you send poop in the mail is hacked

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The database was leaked on a hacking forum exposing angry personal messages sent by customers (Picture: @Changyencham)

A website that allows people to send boxes of animal waste to their enemies has been hacked, exposing customer details and their messages.

ShitExpress is a revenge prank website that lets you send a box of real animal feces to victims and a personalized message to “the people who annoy you the most”.

A vulnerability on the site allowed a hacker to access the company’s database of customer email addresses and the messages they sent through the platform.

An ongoing feud between a hacker by the name of “pompompurin” and a cybersecurity researcher, Vinny Troia, gave the hacker access to the website’s customer data when he visited the site to order a box to send to Troia.

“Pompompurin” then leaked the database to a hacking forum, exposing angry personal messages sent by customers.

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ShitExpress is a joke website that lets you send ‘a piece of shit in a box around the world’ (Picture: Facebook)

One of the posts read: “I saw a cockroach today and thought of you…I stepped on it.”

Another said: “This gift shows my appreciation for your hard work and is a symbol of the quality of my team. ENJOY!’

The hacker told Bleeping Computer that the data he downloaded was surprisingly small and they did not hold it for ransom. Instead, they just notified the website owner after dumping the data.

He said: “Honestly it’s not that big… There are about 29,000 orders in the data.

‘We spotted unusual activity on our server 4 days ago and discovered that one of our scripts is vulnerable to SQL injection. This is purely our fault – human error that could happen to anyone,” a ShitExpress spokesperson told Bleeping Computer.

ShitExpress also clarified that the website does not store any personal information about its customers.

“If someone pays with cryptocurrency, it’s obviously very safe and anonymous. If they pay by credit card, all the information stays with the payment processor. It’s as simple as that,’

ShitExpress accepts payment made by credit card or bitcoin and promises its customers complete anonymity.

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