After Paladin’s audit announcement, Uniglo (GLO) is likely to propel a…

The announcement of a Paladin audit for Uniglo (GLO) is great news for the project and will likely result in a significant price increase. The audit will give more legitimacy to the project since it is a reputable company that takes care of it. Additionally, the audit will likely reveal weaknesses in the Uniglo protocol and enable the team to provide advanced and upgraded services.

A successful smart contract audit already gives Uniglo a well-deserved place alongside Fantom (FTM) and LidoDAO (LDO) in the top 100 cryptocurrencies and is likely to cause significant price increases in the coming months so that they continue to build on their solid foundations.

Why is the Paladin audit important?

Audits are essential tools for organizations to maintain sound financial practices. A comprehensive assessment of an organization’s financial statements helps identify any areas for improvement. Additionally, audits give organizations a sense of accountability and ensure compliance with best practices.

An audit is a systematic examination of an organization’s financial statements and accounting records, usually performed by an independent body. The purpose of an audit is to ensure that the organization manages its finances properly and complies with financial laws and regulations.

The audit is also crucial as it will identify which cryptocurrencies are the most promising and overvalued. Additionally, auditing can help prevent fraud and financial mismanagement. These audit updates will be valuable information for investors who want to invest in cryptocurrency.

Speaking of Uniglo, its Paladin audit will likely protect the public interest by ensuring that the organization is accountable for its economic activities. After all, Paladin is one of the leading smart contract audit companies, establishing transparency and a user-centric approach to services.

Uniglo moves up the ladder

Uniglo is a new player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market and seeks to offer potential investors the opportunity to acquire a social currency backed by a diversified portfolio of assets. Investors who maintain a Uniglo Community Vault will also benefit from asset ownership, a rare feature among other cryptocurrencies.

Another unique aspect of Uniglo’s protocol is its ultra-burn feature. This method burns 2% of each $GLO transaction and also destroys parts of the $GLO already released to the market.

The deflationary nature and the constant reduction in supply is what gives Uniglo the power to hedge against volatility and bonus points from an investor perspective.

After only a week of its pre-sale, Uniglo had already achieved a 25% increase. The increase was mainly due to KYC verification of Uniglo core team members by Coinsult. Thus, it is highly expected that smart contract audits will gather more users and analysts around Uniglo.

Will Uniglo follow Fantom and LidoDAO?

Fantom is a scalable, next-generation smart contract platform enabling fast, easy, and secure access to decentralized applications. At the same time, LidoDAO is a decentralized lending platform that allows users to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies.

Both companies have been climbing the charts since early November, and their rise to the top 100 has been impressive. Both companies have been praised for their innovative approach to decentralized finance, and their products have been very well received by communities.

Although Uniglo is still in its early stages of ICO, continuous development, upgrades, KYC verification and auditing by the world’s leading institution are shining indicators to rank among the top 100 crypto investments. change.

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