Andy Ruiz discusses Joshua’s mental breakdown and gives key to beating Usyk

By Dan Ambrose: Andy Ruiz Jr. says Anthony Joshua’s mental breakdown inside the ring after his loss to Oleksandr Usyk last Saturday is a result of his unmet expectations for the fight.

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Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) thought he would win. So when the judges’ scorecards were revealed to show Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) had won, Joshua, 32, lost the plot, throwing a tantrum like a kid.

Ruiz says he wishes Joshua had reacted like he did when he lost to him in their first fight in June 2019. According to Ruiz, Joshua complimented him saying, “You are the best fighter.

Ruiz says he knows how to beat IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion Usyk using the “Mexican style” of fighting, which involves constant pressure.

It’s unclear if this style would work for Ruiz, however, as he’s handicapped by his short legs, which don’t allow him to move around the ring quickly enough to land his shots on moving fighters.

We saw what Joseph Parker and Joshua did to Ruiz when they used mobility to prevent him from getting close enough to fire his shots.

Unfortunately for Ruiz, this flaw in his game will always be there no matter what because his legs are too short and he carries a lot of weight on his upper body.

Andy Ruiz gives the keys to beat Usyk.

“The heavyweight division is super open right now. It could go either way. Right now, my focus is only on Luis Ortiz. I have to finish my business on September 4,” Andy Ruiz Jr told Fighthype.

“He did. I think he needed to be more aggressive and let go,” Ruiz said of Anthony Joshua’s loss to Oleksandr Usyk last weekend. difficult, but things happen.

“Champions bounce back. He’s pretty good. He moves, but I feel like someone with that Mexican style can give him a hard time like me. Tyson Fury too,” Ruiz said when asked what he thought of Usyk.

“Pressure, pressure, throwing combinations and not letting him get comfortable,” Ruiz said of his key to beating Usyk. “Once you let him get comfortable and then he starts doing his thing and going into a grove and stuff.

“Me having that Mexican style being a pressure guy, throwing combinations down, up, down, that’s going to be a big difference. Yeah he [Joshua] was doing it from the start,” Ruiz said of Joshua’s body shots. “Things happen.

Ruiz talks about Joshua’s nervous breakdown

I think it was the stress, the outcome he didn’t wantt,” Ruiz said of Joshua’s mental meltdown inside the ring after his fight with Usyk. “He’s the only one who knows what it was because I’m sure he wanted to win and he thought he was going to win.

He did not succeed, but he’s an amazing guy. There is nothing bad to say about Anthony Joshua. I think he should have reacted like when I beat him. ‘Hey man, you are the best fighter. Bla-bla-bla.’ I do not know. He was a bit of a mixed bag, throwing the belts away.

“I don’t know, just angry. Each fighter also reacts differently in every situation, especially this one. He probably thought he was going to win because he went all the way to Saudi Arabia to fight.

“We are the ones who have to throw the punches. It is we who receive the blows. We have a team and we know exactly what we are doing in the ring and in the gym. We have to think about everything we practice and we have to execute it on our own,” Ruiz said.

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