Anthony Joshua ‘could retire if he loses’ to Oleksandr Usyk, says Gareth A Davies

Anthony Joshua ‘could retire if he loses’ to Oleksandr Usyk, says Gareth A Davies

Anthony Joshua ‘could retire if he loses’ to Oleksandr Usyk, says Gareth A Davies

By Jack Tiernan: Gareth A. Davies thinks it’s possible that Anthony Joshua will retire if he loses the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday.

Whether or not Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) retires will depend on how he loses to Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs), Gareth explains.

For example, if Joshua is again knocked out or totally dispatched, it increases the chances of him hanging up the gloves as it would mean he was uncompetitive.

The sport will be missed by Joshua if he leaves at 32, but he will carry on without him. Joe Joyce, Daniel Dubois and Deontay Wilder should more than make up for what boxing loses if Joshua retires now.

Usyk looking for a firefight

“You can see Usyk bulging his body, looking for a firefight. The funny thing is that Joshua had a bit of a hit on Usyk’s body in the first fight in the middle of the rounds, and I think he could have felt those punches,” said Gareth A. Davies at iFL TV.

“I think he might think Joshua is going to go to his body in this fight a little bit sooner. It definitely looks thicker around the torso. I’m not buying those 20 kilos. Certainly not. It doesn’t make sense, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him fight fire with fire early on to try and time Joshua.

“I’ve spoken to Robert Garcia before in the prep, and they’re looking at educated pressure this time, being a little dirtier in there, being a little more sneaky, trying to discover that animal side of himself a little more. .

“It’s about building momentum early in the fight for Joshua. Yeah, there will be more heat in the early laps. I don’t think this is a 12 round fight. I don’t think it’s 12 laps,” said Gareth.

Joshua-Usyk is a huge event

“It’s huge, a really, really big fight,” Davies said. “It’s a big event for all of us in the boxing world because Anthony Joshua left a mark behind him that got a lot of mainstream attention.

“He’s been wonderful for the sport. The problem for him is this little bit. Can he find redemption? It was his injury that should have, could have had a moment.

“He lost to a smaller cruiserweight eleven months ago. It’s about Anthony Joshua and the sport’s great athletes, when they have to change the pattern of the moments they’ve etched themselves in history, can they discover his superego, his super identity?

Is Joshua too rich now?

Is he too rich now, or is he too successful to have that hunger that’s still inside of him? Davis said. “I’m sure it still burns inside him, but can he put it into action against that tricky, clumsy southpaw in Usyk, who has his own reasons to go down in history now that are bigger than boxing? and bigger than a sporting event?

“It’s huge because of the implications of Joshua and Tyson Fury. A year ago we were about to see these two fight twice. You seem to forget that so easily.

“Tyson Fury has only been retired for a few weeks. It’s a subconscious thing, in my opinion, where he can say, ‘I’m not interested in that stuff over there.’ Of course he will comment. It’s his way of saying, ‘I don’t care. I’m #1 anyway.’

“It was interesting to see Mauricio Sulaiman from the WBC come online and talk about it. No promoter and no sanctioning body will ever say, ‘A boxer should keep boxing’, especially with what Tyson Fury has accomplished and with the two wars he had with Wilder if you disregard the middle fight where he really took it Wilder.

” He will be back. I also thought the Chisora ​​trilogy was a bit of a trick. I don’t think that would ever happen. I think Tyson had one of those moments where he went, ‘I’m 34 today, that’s all.’

“Anthony Joshua wins; it’s possible, not likely, so I’ll see him again. There’s too much money on the table, it’s too big a fight, and it’s a fight Fury will love against Joshua, and it’s a fight we all want.

AJ could retire if he loses

“Well he could,” Davies said of Joshua possibly retiring if he loses to Usyk. “Johnny [Nelson] it’s good to say that. He’s not saying Joshua should retire. What he says is if he gets knocked out by Usyk and sent out again and can’t go anywhere in the fight. He might need time to recover psychically, mentally and psychologically.

“He might say, ‘I’ve reached my zenith, and maybe there’s nothing greater ahead of me. Johnny was just giving his point of view. Of course, he wants AJ to win. We would all love for AJ to win, but he was just being honest.

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Davies said of Sky Sports wanting Joshua to lose because he signed a deal with DAZN. They certainly gave it a soft launch. They didn’t go hard on the fights.

“They didn’t go strong. I don’t think they want Joshua to lose. Why would they want Joshua to lose? His stock is huge if he wins. This is why DAZN took this bet.

“The basic fact is that Usyk is the favorite in this fight, but AJ had a night off against him eleven months ago. If he wins, Sky won’t care. He could retire. He might have had enough if he loses. Gareth says of Joshua.

“I don’t think he will retire because there are still some brilliant fights for him, even if he loses and how he loses is important. He has potential fights with Deontay Wilder, a second fight with Dillian Whyte, a fight with Joe Joyce, Daniel Dubois and Tyson Fury.

“Even if he loses by a razor-like split decision, I know I said someone was stopped in this fight. If he loses by a razor-sharp split decision, he’s not going to walk away from the sport. He still has massive fights there.

“I’d like to see him with all four or five of those guys before he stops,” Davies said.

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