Call Of Duty’s new skin looks suspiciously like the work of a former dev

Call Of Duty’s new skin looks suspiciously like the work of a former dev

Call Of Duty’s new skin looks suspiciously like the work of a former dev

Two sci-fi soldiers, one from Call of Duty, the other from Deaddrop, stand side by side in the same outfit.

OK, who wore it better? Left: dead drop skin / Right: Call of Duty
Image: Activision / Kotaku / Midnight Society

Activision is back on its bullshit, and by that I mean the huge game publisher is once again suspected of extracting ideas from outside artwork to create the skins it sells in Call of Duty: Vanguard and war zone. This time, it seems likely that the company was directly inspired by a skin created by an ex-Cod staff member who should appear in the next one, supposed Call of Duty killer dead dropwhich is developed by Herschel “DrDisrespect” Beahm’s Midnight Society studio. Talk about Sussy.

Avant-garde and war zone kicked off its fourth season, Mercenaries of Fortune, with the usual props: new operators like Carver Butcher from 2017 the Second World War, additional weapons, some map tweaks, and a new event that continually spawns zombies, among other things. Season 4 contains other skins for a variety of Operators from both games, including one, as we reported last week, which was clearly ripped from another artist’s concept art. After pulling this skin, Activision apologized in a statement to Polygoncalling plagiarism a “misstep” and saying he has “the utmost respect for creativity and content creation”.

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Unfortunately, it seems that the “highest respect” for the content-creating community may prove to be unfounded. Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowlinga former creative strategist at Infinity Ward and now studio head of Midnight Society, began sharing art in July for a skin he made for a soldier in the upcoming game dead drop.

The skin features a cute sci-fi aesthetic, complete with an ice blue holomask, black hooded cape or robe, and what appears to be some sort of mecha body armor. It honestly looks like a palette swap for GR-74/Jack, the player character in first person slasher Ghostrunner. That is, even if the design itself is not so original, Activision “Doomsayer” skin started selling this week in the Call of Duty store for Shadow faction operator Shigenori Ota looks too much like the creation of Bowling to be a coincidence.

The similarities are disturbing. Of course the Call of Duty the skin has a more pronounced blue, a bit more electric than ghostly, but you can’t deny that the two look eerily similar. From the blue mask to the black cowl to the mecha bulletproof vest, it seems very likely that the Avant-garde and war zone the developers were at least “inspired” by Bowling.

Bowling told Kotaku that he has “nothing else to add” except his recent tweet lamenting that Activision and Infinity Ward could have “at least [named] after me.

“I found out about this because of my mentions from our community tagging me in their responses,” Bowling said. Kotaku. He then sent a photo of a legendary level Call of Duty sniper rifle called “Corporate Theft”. Savage.

Kotaku has contacted Activision for comment.

It is not known if Activision, who has become widely known for his ongoing legal troubleswill move to remedy the marked similarity between the new Call of Duty skin and Bowling dead drop work.

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