Coronation Street Spoilers (August 22-26)

coronation street spoilers follow.

Next weeks coronation street will see Yasmeen standing by Stu’s side, while Stephen tries to manipulate Sarah.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Aadi fake their engagement.

Here’s a look at 12 big moments hitting your screens.

1. Alya tries to help Stu

          coronation street


          Zeedan and Alya get to work trying to clear Stu’s name by sorting through the files. The pair discover their interview tapes and Adam is quick to point out that not only was Stu interrogated for over 10 hours, which is against the rules, but a tape is missing.

          Alya visits Stu in jail but is interrupted by Yasmeen, who is now ready to hear Stu’s side of the story of her affair with Charlie.

          2. Stu is released from prison

          coronation street


          At Stu’s request, Yasmeen, Alya and Zeedan track down Stu’s attorney, Norman. Norman confirms Stu’s version of events and insists that Stu was coerced into a confession.

          With Stu’s story corroborated, Alya urges Yasmeen to let Stu move in again.

          Later, Stu is shocked when he finds Yasmeen waiting for him at the prison gates. Yasmeen tells Stu that she believes in his innocence but that he must inform his daughter Bridget of his intentions.

          3. Stu’s return is greeted with hostility

          coronation street


          Word of Stu’s return spreads and he finds himself the victim of Dev and Bernie’s wrath. Yasmeen steps in and confirms that Stu can return to Number 6 with her.

          After Stu apologizes to Kelly, he is confronted by Tim. Tim warns Stu to stay away from Yasmeen and is shocked to learn that Yasmeen is helping him clear his name.

          Stu decides to make Yasmeen’s life easier by offering to move out, but she suggests he’ll only look guilty by running away.

          4. Stephen manipulates Sarah

          coronation street


          Carla becomes frustrated when she is unable to get an order for fabric, but Stephen manages to save the day by sourcing the fabric at a bargain price.

          Meanwhile, Stephen also tries to plant ideas in Sarah’s head when he tells her that she is the business brain of the factory and that she should consider buying out Carla.

          With his words ringing in her ears, Sarah asks for his help in proving to Carla that she has what it takes to run the business.

          5. Carla shares her worries about Stephen

          carla barlow, coronation street


          When Sarah urges Carla to hire Stephen as a consultant, Carla is still unsure and turns to Peter and Ken for advice.

          When Ken suggests that Stephen has the best intentions, Carla agrees to hire him.

          Meanwhile, Stephen continues to influence Sarah by suggesting that she take out a loan to expand the business.

          6. Kelly and Aadi fake their engagement

          coronation street


          When Ellie from the Gazette delivers fliers promoting a contest to win a dream wedding, Kelly seizes the opportunity and fakes that she and Aadi are engaged. Kelly assures Aadi that they won’t have to go through the wedding and they can just enjoy the vacation.

          Aadi and Kelly prepare for the “Mr & Mrs” quiz as part of the competition. As they question each other, the couple realizes that neither of them have had sex before and decide to take their relationship one step further.

          Later, Kelly is over the moon when Aadi presents her with her mother’s engagement ring.

          7. Asha confronts Aadi

          asha alahan and aadi alahan in coronation street


          Although they failed the “Mr & Mrs” quiz, Ellie is moved by Aadi’s devotion to Kelly and believes they will be a hit with readers.

          Meanwhile, Dev gives Aadi a car to celebrate him with passing his driving test.

          Later, Asha is stunned to see the ring on Kelly’s finger and confronts Aadi. He admits it’s their mother’s ring but explains that the engagement is just a scam to win a vacation.

          8. Aadi discovers that Kelly was involved in an accident

          coronation street


          Aadi and Asha realize that Kelly overheard their conversation. Hurt by Aadi’s confession to Asha, Kelly throws the ring at her and flees in Aadi’s new car.

          Aadi gives chase on Asha’s old princess bike, but when he catches up with Kelly, he is horrified to see that the car has crashed into a bollard.

          9. Bernie is accused of theft

          coronation street


          Bernie approaches Dev to ask for more shifts but is disappointed to learn he’s already sorted the rotation. Gemma sees that Bernie is struggling and assures him that Linda has already transferred the money for Joseph’s school uniform.

          Later, Bernie is thrilled when she scores a cleaning job for Dev.

          When Bernie returns from the stores with Joseph’s uniform and a blazer for herself, Gemma and Chesney become suspicious, and Bernie admits that he was given the blazer by accident. The couple demand that she return it, but before Bernie can act, the owner of the blazer shows up and accuses Bernie of theft.

          10. Aaron goes behind Summer’s back

          coronation street


          Summer attends her meeting with the diabetes nurse, but is unimpressed when the nurse suggests that a flash monitor might be helpful. Aaron agrees with the nurse, but Summer isn’t interested and makes it clear to Billy that she isn’t qualified for the monitor.

          Fearing for Summer’s health, Aaron suggests that Billy contact the hospital to find out the truth.

          Later, Summer decides to catch up with Aaron on their failed vacation by booking a romantic night.

          11. Dylan reveals he wants to stay

          coronation street


          As Sean makes plans for Dylan’s farewell dinner, Glenda offers her help and quickly puts a plan into action. Sean is thrilled to find that Glenda and Mary have invited James over to make him special for Dylan.

          When James takes Dylan outside for a pre-dinner kick, he is surprised when Dylan admits he doesn’t want to go home and would rather stay with Sean.

          12. Steve turns to Ed for help.

          coronation street


          Steve’s rooftop saga continues as Ed and Paul arrive at Number 1 to begin work. However, they are rebuffed by Steve, who confirms that Arnie promised to fix the roof after all.

          Later, Steve is frustrated when Arnie doesn’t respond to his messages. Steve’s day gets worse when he is told by the scaffolding that the scaffolding must be removed unless Steve pays another £500.

          Steve turns to Ed again, but will Ed help him?

          coronation street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and streams on ITV Hub.

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