Dead Island 2 is alive and coming in February

Nine years after its initial reveal, Dead Island 2 will be released on February 3, according to a listing of the PS4 version on Amazon. This is naturally subject to change and could just be a placeholder – this being Dead Island 2, I wouldn’t be surprised – but it fits recent clues by the CEO of Embracer Group that the open-world zombie game will be released in the company’s 2023 fiscal year.

The Amazon listing (opens in a new tab) reiterates some of the points we’ve come to know about the game during its long time in development hell. It’s set in a “horror-stained” version of Los Angeles, meaning you’ll be able to bludgeon zombies in “the leafy suburb of Beverly Hills” and “the original boardwalk of Venice Beach.” The combat is “visceral and gory”, naturally, and there will be “dozens” of different types of zombies to gut, all with an LA theme, of course.

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