Emmerdale star on Charity’s reaction to Mackenzie’s betrayal

Emmerdale star on Charity’s reaction to Mackenzie’s betrayal

Emmerdale star on Charity’s reaction to Mackenzie’s betrayal

Note: This article explores the subject of pregnancy loss, which some readers may find upsetting.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Star Emma Atkins has hinted how Charity Dingle would react if she found out about her partner Mackenzie Boyd’s infidelity.

Charity and Mackenzie are currently in mourning after learning that Charity’s pregnancy was ectopic and therefore not viable. Next week, Mackenzie will struggle to tell Charity that he would still like to have a child with her.



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But after Charity reacts badly to the idea of ​​trying for a baby again, the couple have a huge argument that leads to Mackenzie ending up in bed with a mystery woman.

Speaking about how Charity would react if she found out Mackenzie had cheated on her, Emma said: “I think in a way Charity is well aware that her own world isn’t black and white.

“In the past, she’s done the same thing to Vanessa with Mackenzie. So, you know, they’re both aware of how fallible they are and how much it’s in them to have that naughty quality. But with this, it could be more shocking maybe, because it was about the fact that they had this happy accident [the pregnancy] and it went wrong.



“It brought them closer in some ways, so I think Charity finding out would probably be quite shocking, but she’s not dumb. She’s cheated on people in the past. So that’s kind of her territory.

“But that’s my character’s double standard, which I can’t defend. When that happens to her, she reacts very differently!”

As for the couple’s future, Emma could see them going the distance but not without a few speed bumps along the way.

“I think Mackenzie and Charity would be great over the distance. I’m sure of that,” Emma said. “Anyway, there are always relationship hiccups on the soap opera. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t, because sometimes the audience says, ‘Can’t we just watch a really really happy couple in life, because they exist?’



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“But it seems with Charity she can’t help it. And I think Mackenzie suffers from that. The grass is always greener too, although currently he’s in love with Charity and I think his misadventure is actually on the back of a very unfortunate miscommunication,” Emma continued.

“At this point, Charity is so incandescent with rage that it’s too early to talk about trying for a baby again.”

However, Emma also thinks Charity is still holding a candle for an old flame. “I always thought Charity and Vanessa would go all the way,” she added. “And I think that still needs to be explored. I don’t know, but I think there’s some unfinished business there.”

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