First trailer for Zac Efron, the new realistic film from Russell Crowe

Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil and Vile star Zac Efron and Thor: Love and Thunder Actor Russell Crowe has teamed up for a new film based on a crazy but true story.

Realized by green paperthis is Peter Farrelly, The greatest beer race of all time tells the story of an unlucky man who decides to support the American troops by giving them all beer.

But rather than just raise money and have Amazon’s 1960s version delivered, he decides to go to Vietnam and do it himself.

As we see in the trailer just released, this morale-boosting journey quickly deteriorates as the horrors of war become apparent, not to mention the complexity of the situation, which is much less dark. and whiter than American citizens thought. .

zac efron, the greatest beer race of all time wearing a plaid shirt and sporting a big stain


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We don’t see much of Russell Crowe in the trailer, but he will play war photographer Arthur, who accompanies Efron’s “Chickie” on his journey through Vietnam. You might also notice that Bill Murray makes a brief appearance as a bartender in New York.

Meanwhile, other cast members include Top Gun: Maverickit’s Jake Picking, shadow and boneby Archie Renaux, American Horror Story: Apocalypseis Kyle Allen and Love, Victoris Will Ropp.

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Slight spoilers here, but ‘Chickie’, real name John Donohue, made it out of Vietnam alive. Not only has he shared his story in various documentaries and reports, but also through the book the film is based on.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Crazy Adventure in a Crazy War *SOON A MAJOR MOVIE*


Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in a few weeks, The greatest beer race of all time will be released on Apple TV+ as well as in select US theaters for a limited time on September 30.

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