Heathrow: Mid-term getaways threatened with cap on numbers

Heathrow: Mid-term getaways threatened with cap on numbers

Heathrow: Mid-term getaways threatened with cap on numbers

Busier than normal Heathrow T5, London, July 22, 2022. Travelers face long queues at airports across the country this morning on what is expected to be an extremely busy day for air and road travel so let the schools go their separate ways and let the summer getaway begin.

The situation has been described as a ‘mess’, but Heathrow said it will ensure fewer flights are canceled at the last minute (Picture: SWNS)

Thousands of passengers have been left in limbo as Heathrow Airport extends its passenger cap for another six weeks.

No more than 100,000 people will be able to leave per day until October 29 in the chaos of UK airports due to demand and lack of staff.

Heathrow has canceled hundreds of flights in recent months – but fewer trips have been canceled at the last minute since the cap was first introduced in July.

An airport spokesperson added that more passengers saw their flights depart on time and experienced shorter baggage waits.

But the move will disrupt the vacation plans of many families hoping to get away halfway through.

Ryanair has promised to add more than 500 flights to London Stansted to counterbalance Heathrow’s “hopeless hopelessness”.

Meanwhile, consumer rights group Which? called the situation “a mess”, urging Heathrow to say now which flights will definitely take place.

“While extending the passenger cap may help Heathrow prevent a repeat of the unacceptable last-minute cancellations we saw earlier this summer, thousands of people will now be worried whether their travel plans could be sabotaged.” , Guy Hobbs, travel editor at the organization, said.

FILE PHOTO: A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 takes off from Palma de Mallorca airport, Spain, July 29, 2018. REUTERS/Paul Hanna/File Photo

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary called the airport ‘hopeless Heathrow’ (Picture: Reuters)

“Heathrow and affected airlines must act without delay to make it clear to travelers which flights are being cancelled, and airlines must ensure affected passengers are aware of their rights to rebook or refund.

“The aviation industry and the government must ensure this mess is sorted out as soon as possible – passenger caps cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.”

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary added: “While Heathrow continues to mismanage air travel, Ryanair and London Stansted will continue to grow and provide for London families, as we have done all summer. 2022.”

The airline boss insisted that Ryanair and Stansted had “more than enough staff” to handle the additional flights that have been announced.

Capacity limits will be monitored, a statement from Heathrow said.

Officials offered some hope, saying they “could be lifted sooner if there was a lasting picture of better resilience and a material increase in resource levels.”

Heathrow’s chief commercial officer, Ross Baker, said “the main concern is to ensure that we provide our passengers with a reliable service when they travel”.

“That’s why we introduced temporary capacity limits in July which have already improved journeys during the summer getaway,” he said.

“We want to remove the cap as soon as possible, but we can only do so when we are confident that everyone operating at the airport has the resources to provide the service our passengers deserve.”

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