How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Quite funny, the baby space is very dog-eat-dog. Back when I started my first company, Happy Family, which started the organic baby food revolution and now with my new company, Healthybaby, which is advancing developmental health, I’ve seen things that seem to come out of a spy movie when it comes to competitive activities. The truth is, many of us entrepreneurs have the vision to identify unmet needs in the market, but we’re not always first to market, and if the market is significant, others will jump in. at the same time biting your heels or trying to eat your lunch. This is the nature of capitalism. The competition can be fierce, and for us obsessed entrepreneurs, losing is not an option. How can you differentiate your business when there are so many brands vying for your customers’ attention?

Authenticity can make all the difference.

You either have it or you don’t, and you really can’t fake the funk with today’s discerning consumers. There’s no denying that we all support brands and companies whose values ​​match our own. Personally, I only invest in companies that have mission-driven founders because I know they are committed to more than a return and go the distance for their beliefs. Likewise, create teams of motivated people who will always keep your ideals at the heart of every decision. For us, the mantra is babies before business.

Get three steps ahead of the market, but meet consumers where they are with products they now love.

At Healthybaby, we’re redefining what it means to be safe. Internally, when we were developing our diaper, we used to say, “A diaper so safe you could eat it.” But seriously, what that means in practice is manufacturing in a world-class factory in Europe, eliminating thousands of ingredients that can be harmful to healthy development, going the extra mile to test for even the lowest levels of contamination tiniest and be 100% transparent with our ingredients. We don’t expect consumers to take our word for it, everything we do is third party certified. My personal journey as a parent gives me a unique perspective on why these are the right investments to make for our future generations. However, in the real world of parenting, we can never sacrifice performance for safety or durability. Our diaper leverages plant-based innovation and several patented technologies that work like the big guys as we move toward more plants than plastic, one change at a time.

Get creative and throw templates and manuals out the window when it comes to raising awareness.

You have to know your audience as well as yourself, so when Apple OS changes, it’s absolutely an opportunity to find the new frontier and create a competitive advantage. Big brands don’t just focus on how efficiently you can generate the next click. The one thing that has remained constant over my years as a founder is the power of meaningful connections. We don’t operate as a faceless brand. When you join Healthybaby, you are automatically introduced to your personal concierge. We know that when we take care of parents, word spreads quickly. Find ways to connect, because that’s what we all crave.

Commit to continuous improvement.

Ideally, you build something meaningful with persistence, so keep your perspective and remember the long haul. Ask for what you want to be known for and keep moving in that direction. I have yet to find a more rewarding space than baby’s, and being part of a baby’s well-being and confidence is something that comes with a hard-earned experience that pivots and turns. improved. When your customer appreciates your dedication to doing better, they will pay significant dividends with loyalty.

Make the pie bigger, not just your piece of the pie.

I have always believed that the best companies have a net positive impact on our society and on the world. With Happy Baby, we are committed to making organic food accessible to everyone, and we have lobbied state by state to be included in the WIC program. We know that during the first 1,000 days of life, every dollar invested in improving child and maternal health yields $35, benefiting us all in myriad ways, from paid parental leave to a healthier society. and better educated. Both companies I started are B-Corps certified, which means that our governance goes beyond revenue growth and profitability and considers this social element as the prize. When we try to create a better future for baby, we are inherently responsible for preserving our planet. Find your way to impact and you could see your competition’s success as a victory someday too.

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