How to optimize your performance and stand out

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Whether you work for yourself or run a business with a large team like me, the secret to success as an entrepreneur is to maximize your performance and productivity. Running your own business means accepting the fact that every day will bring both opportunities and obstacles.

If you want to perform well and focus on what’s most important to your business, you’ll need to develop good habits and use the resources at your disposal. To better understand this, I’ve put together some tips to help you perform at your best as an entrepreneur.

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1. Arrive early

The only way to ensure failure is to not show up. No matter how well you prepare, think and organize, you will have to show up sooner or later. You can only learn to swim by getting into the water.

You’re already taking steps in the right direction just by showing up — why not take it even further by showing up early? If you want to succeed, you have to act by showing yourself in your life.

Everything else is irrelevant if you don’t show up. No matter how smart, enthusiastic, or talented you are, nothing else matters if you don’t show up in the first place. You can’t expect a successful business to run itself or money to fall from the sky.

2. Make your money grow

Why don’t some of the smartest and most talented people get financial freedom? This is all due to a low level of “money panic” continually buzzing in their subconscious. If you want to change your bottom line, you have to start in your mind by identifying and replacing the beliefs that are holding you back with an abundance mindset.

It’s never been easier, so don’t make it complicated. There is so much money in the world now, and many methods exist to get your name out there. Investing is a great way to grow your money, but you can’t do it if your salary doesn’t allow you to set aside money to invest. The only reason to earn and save money is so you can invest it and make it work for you.

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3. Don’t settle for average performance

Our society is mostly made up of people who follow normal courses of action. They spend their lives doing just enough to be average and have a steady life and job, but never enough to succeed.

By definition, average implies “less than extraordinary”.

However, you will never reach your peak performance as an entrepreneur if you are less than exceptional. Put forward your big ideas and strive to make them happen, even if they are dangerous.

For example, the 10X rule, which I apply to all my businesses, is to multiply your efforts and create goals to motivate yourself. Do you want to be a millionaire? Multiply it by 10. Do you want to make a difference in your community? You are capable of 10 times more.

4. Never settle

Most entrepreneurs shrink during recessions and downturns. This indicates that they are fearful and want to be cautious, conserve their money and limit their spending. Do not do that.

Successful entrepreneurs see adversity as a chance to grow.

When all of your competitors drop out, you have a clear path to your next level of success. For example, many entrepreneurs lost money during the 2008-09 financial crisis and were scared. However, others have turned this adversity into triumph and have come out the other side more successfully than before.

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5. Put the hours in

Nothing worth having comes easy. Make a habit of working hard and going above and beyond if you want to succeed.

If you need to market your product or concept to someone important, don’t skimp on time or money. Remember that the average is less than amazing; therefore, strive to do more than just get by. The world is full of normal people who aspire to nothing more than the ordinary. You have to be better than average in today’s world. The average is no longer acceptable.

If you want to achieve true success, you need to figure out how to use your obsession to propel you to the top.

Going forward can maximize performance, but it can also increase fear. Instead of running away from it, embrace it – fear and success go hand in hand. Use your fear to propel yourself higher and beyond.

Keep rising and succeeding. Never, never side. It is your responsibility to succeed. It involves hard work, discipline and dedication. Are you ready to apply these tips and maximize your performance as an entrepreneur?

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