Jessica Kim, CEO of Apparel Intelligence, Talks Digital Fashion and Beauty in the Metaverse

Jessica Kim, CEO of Apparel Intelligence, Talks Digital Fashion and Beauty in the Metaverse

Jessica Kim, CEO of Apparel Intelligence, Talks Digital Fashion and Beauty in the Metaverse

Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

June’s live Cloud Wars Expo event brought together dozens of industry leaders giving the Acceleration Economy team access to the inner workings of the biggest growth market the world has ever seen.

In this News Desk interview, held onsite at Cloud Wars Expo, analysts Kieron Allen and Toni Witt welcome Jessica Kim, co-founder and CEO of Apparel Intelligence, for a discussion on creating hyper digital assets. -real, the bridge between digital and physical fashion, and the growing overlap between the beauty industry and the metaverse.

Strong points

00:01 — Kieron introduces fellow analysts Toni Witt and Jessica Kim from Apparel Intelligence. The company, represented by the acronym AI, is a digital fashion studio combining fashion and visual effects technology.

00:59 — Currently, the fashion industry does not meet adequate sustainability standards. Apparel Intelligence aims to build more sustainable processes by replacing physical samples with production-ready, realistic digital samples for apparel brands.

01:46 – Kim explains the different phases of her business, which are based on streamlining the garment manufacturing process and forming B2C relationships through the metaverse.

03:24 — With a focus on sustainability, Apparel Intelligence saves time, costs, and resources, making sales before you even create a physical product. “The more real, the better.”

04:07 — Toni asks about the tools and platforms used to create these hyper-real digital assets. Kim explains the combined computer graphics (CG) and digital effects of 3D modeling software Clove, where Kim previously worked as a 3D designer.

05:43 — 3D and CGI have been around for a long time; Kim names several CG software alternatives and explains his previous role working on The Last Jedi with Industrial Light & Magic.

06:33 – Kim details the film industry’s long process of creating CG from start to finish, including the use of multi-effects tools and proprietary software.

07:36 — Kieron raises the issue of interoperability. Apparel Intelligence’s hyper-realistic rendering of physical clothing is made possible by combining cinematic-quality CG with fashion. Kim details the mix of rendering and texturing tools used to make the AI ​​software possible.

09:19 — Making clothes look good on screen doesn’t require the ability to produce the same effect in real life. Apparel Intelligence aims to digitally represent the real world product.

09:38 — Apparel Intelligence software combines fashion, visual effects and computer AI.

10:19 — The central goal of the metaverse is to bridge the digital and the physical.

11:10 – Kim explains the usefulness of Apparel Intelligence digital assets compared to traditional NFTs.

12:01 — Toni asks about customization to fit specific body measurements. Using Clove 3D, clothing intelligence software allows realistic avatars to test clothing specifications.

13:07 — The company aims to create a 3D fitting platform to replace the traditional scale of Small-Medium-Large clothing sizes with unique and realistic representations of people’s exact silhouettes.

14:27 — Visualization and fit are crucial for fashion. Proportions, colors and prints should be seen together.

15:32 – Kieron suggests that entire wardrobes could be cataloged in the Metaverse.

16:53 — AI’s partnerships include Atari Hotels, Fred Segal and Subnation.

18:04 – Kim describes the company’s participation in Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week and the technical hurdles digital still has to overcome.

20:09 — Beauty and Metaverse audiences are still mostly separate circles with plenty of room to grow.

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