John Wick’s prequel show The Continental is changing broadcasters

The next John Wick prequel tv series The Continental moved broadcasters ahead of its debut next year.

The new show is set in the 1970s and examines the origins of the titular hotel for assassins through the eyes of young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell).

It is now confirmed that The Continental will move to Peacock from its original broadcaster Starz, with an expected 2023 release date for the three-episode show.

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“The John Wick the films have become a worldwide phenomenon, are among the most watched titles on Peacock and we are thrilled and honored to partner with Lionsgate to expand this incredible franchise,” said Kelly Campbell, President of Peacock and Direct-to-Consumer ( via Variety).

Lionsgate Television Group Chairman Kevin Beggs added: “John Wick became part of the cultural zeitgeist with a massive and passionate fanbase across the world. We are thrilled to partner with Peacock to continue to grow the John Wick universe.”

The show will see Scott’s character “dragged into the hellscape of a 1975 New York City to come to terms with a past he thought he left behind.

“Winston charts a deadly course through New York’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing bid to seize the iconic hotel, which serves as a staging point for the world’s most dangerous criminals,” the synopsis adds.

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Lions Gate

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Along with Woodell, The Continental Also set to star Mel Gibson as Cormac, Peter Greene as Uncle Charlie, Katie McGrath as The Adjudicator, Ray McKinnon as Jenkins, Adam Shapiro as Lemmy, Mark Musashi as Hansel, and Marina Mazepa as Gretel.

Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward are on board as the show’s showrunners, writers, and executive producers.

Lionsgate’s Kevin Biggs previously described the show as “three essentially 90-minute events that you could interpret as a limited series or limited event series.” Count on us!

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