MAFS UK star offers advice to future hopefuls on the show

Married at first sight United Kingdom 2021 star Bob Voysey has some advice for anyone considering signing up for future series.

The reality star sat down with digital spy to talk about what he would say to anyone who wanted to join the show.

“I think, and I say it with the best [intent]if other people’s opinion really affects you, then definitely don’t – because it’s something that when you come out you have to accept everyone’s opinions, good, bad and ugly” , he began.

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“So if you know you’re someone who’s not very good at taking opinions or taking advice, that’s not something I would do because it would probably affect someone,” a- he declared.

“But on the other hand, if you don’t care what people think and you want to have a crazy adventure, then that’s definitely something I would advise people to do. 100%,” he said. he added.

He also talked about the valuable lessons he learned on the show.

“[It] is just to be confident and happy with who I am, not to change yourself and change your morals for others,” he said.

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“Stick to what you need, what you want, and don’t change yourself for others. Absolutely,” he added.

Voysey is set to co-host a new podcast with Kat Shoob on the show called Summarized at first sightwhich will be available to listeners on various podcast services in the morning after each UK MAFS the episode airs.

Speaking about his new podcast, he said: “I’m thrilled [for covering the series on the podcast] because I know it’s not the same format as what I did.

“So because it’s going to be completely different, there’s going to be kind of new opinions, new options, and I definitely think there’s a lot more drama this year than there was for me. .”

Married at first sight United Kingdom broadcast on E4 in the UK. Married to First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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