NFT Emergents TCG Card Game Launches In Beta With Exclusive Super Booster Packs

NFT Emergents TCG Card Game Launches In Beta With Exclusive Super Booster Packs

NFT Emergents TCG Card Game Launches In Beta With Exclusive Super Booster Packs

Blockchain-based digital trading card game Emergents TCG is celebrating the launch of its public beta with an “Emergents TCG Super Booster drop” of exclusive promo cards that can’t be found anywhere else.

Emergents TCG is a digital collectible card game created by InterPop and built on the Tezos blockchain. It is based on InterPop’s existing blockchain-powered comic book superheroes, and unique among digital TCGs, Emergents TCG allows players to own their own in-game items. The game itself puts the emphasis on strategy, with particular emphasis on deck building.

What’s really cool about Emergents TCG is that while it’s primarily a card trading game, it comes with a whole new business model that uses Tezos and NFT to ensure that players actually own their cards. The beauty of it is that the blockchain and crypto aspects are all obfuscated behind a simple and user-friendly interface that allows players to easily collect, buy, sell and organize their cards.

Emergents TCG was created as a tonic for trading card fans who are fed up with the free-to-play model of modern TCGs and resent the hassle of blockchain-based alternative games. Emergents TCG provides players with an easy way to buy, sell and trade their cards using simple economics that anyone can understand. In this way, Emergents TCG has all the advantages of traditional TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering, without any of the complex drawbacks.

InterPop CEO Brian David-Marshall said the company’s goal was never to make “the best blockchain game,” but rather to make a better game that can “go hand in hand with the best.” collectible card games in its class and bring back some of the excitement of buying, selling, and trading Magic or Pokemon cards in the real world.

With the game now available to play in public beta, that magic has been recreated. Players now have the option to purchase an exclusive Super Booster Pack that includes unique and variant artwork not found on other maps, as well as others that will not be available for purchase in-game for many months to come. come. Plus, these packs are ready to open right away, with the cards playable right away. The Random Packs will also include a number of 1-on-1, “first-minted” versions of each map, which are sure to become highly prized collectibles among the Emergents TCG community given their unique status.

On top of that, Super Boosters also give shoppers the chance to win one of 28 physical comic pages, plus new editions of InterPop’s digital comics and player avatars that can’t be found anywhere. go elsewhere.

In total, there are three types of Super Booster packs available, with prices starting at 50 XTZ (around $90) for standard packs, rising to 175 XTZ for Rare Super Booster packs. As for the Epic Super Booster packs, which are guaranteed with a minted 1st edition card as well as NFTs that can be redeemed for original comics, these will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Emergents TCG has strong backers, including trading card game legend Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, a famous Magic Hall of Famer and former World Champion who helped design the game. He said Emergents TCG aspires to have the same simplicity of games like Hearthstone with the strategic depth of MTG.

“Everything in our game is designed to be fast and efficient while providing an opportunity for challenge if you’re looking for one – complex, but not complicated,” he said. “Our core resource mechanic, Wildcarding, is a mechanic that we hope will create exciting moments for players while allowing their choices to matter. The goal is to have depth strategic and skill-intensive moments for those looking for it while inviting for those who want a more laid-back approach to the game.”

Image source: Emergents TCG

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