Only murders in the building enter the ring in his new episode

With Kreps’ taunts ringing in his ears (which I’ll take as a pointless addition – hearing those taunts again a few minutes after hearing them the first time is…I mean, I just heard them. I don’t haven’t forgotten!), Mabel looks at the puzzle pieces Alice made for her, noting that at least two of them feature the podcast logo for “All Isn’t Okay”. This logo takes Mabel back in time, as she rewatches an episode “All Isn’t Okay”, and Cinda notes via narration that “big city cops” helped small town Oklahoma cops. trying to solve the murder. of the long-dead Becky Butler. Mabel completes the puzzle Alice has created – a portrait of our heroine surrounded by her favorite things – as Cinda mentions that she stopped at a restaurant called the Chicken Chug, whose “orange and green logo seemed to follow me all over town.” Well!

Charles, meanwhile, is once again visited by Leonora Folger, except… well, let’s call her by her correct name: Rose Cooper. Yes, MacLaine plays the original painter, the one who disappeared into thin air. She knew enough about Leonora to pretend to be her the day of Bunny’s wake. “You have succeeded as the master that you are,” Charles said pleasantly. “The world has been wondering about you for years.”

Rose notes that people only paid attention to her disappearance. “I don’t know much about my father, but I don’t think he was a good man,” Charles said quietly, wondering if his father was the reason Rose went into hiding. Rose doesn’t initially talk about why she went into hiding, just hoping to get that painting back. Rose is upset when she sees the original at Charles’ unveiling, as he notes the tear in the canvas. She asks him to remove the nails from the back of the canvas, revealing that the painting she did of the nude of Charles’ father was “for me”, but there was another painting buried underneath “for him “: This is Charles’ father and a young Charles, looking at the Arconia as we saw him in an early season flashback. “The man he most wanted to be: a father to his boy,” Rose says, calling Charles’ father his true love. She explains that she disappeared because her “rage-filled husband” was so dangerous that he was only sure to walk away completely, leaving her father heartbroken until he died.

“We don’t pee on things just because they’re soft,” Oliver chides his dog Winnie in the elevator before they’re greeted by Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane). The doors don’t even have to close before Oliver begins strangling Teddy, a fight that doesn’t even take a break when Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) briefly joins them in the elevator. Eventually Oliver realizes that Teddy, horrible as he was, doesn’t know. Why Oliver is crazy and he states what you probably guessed a while ago: Teddy is Will’s biological father. Teddy and Oliver return to the latter’s apartment to work things out, as Oliver explains that he spent the whole night talking to his ex-wife, and Teddy tries to clarify that the affair was just a one night deal, no matter the outcome. “He’s all I have, Teddy. If I lose my son, I have nothing,” Oliver said bluntly and sadly. Teddy notes that whatever terrible behavior Oliver may have had with Will can’t be as bad as what Teddy did with his son Theo (James Caverly). They later share a drink, as Oliver reminisces about his own father, a door-to-door salesman he tried to entertain “with my…some would describe an ‘extra’ personality.” He then quietly but firmly begs Teddy to keep Will’s parentage a secret. “Can’t we keep on going?” Teddy, to his credit, agrees, thus presumably putting him to bed.

Mabel, with her newfound acquaintances, heads to Cinda’s studio and finds Poppy (Adina Verson) there instead while Cinda is at “a voice massage…she’s paying a Thai man to rub her throat, what do you want?” you that I tell you you?” Mabel, you may remember, had a lot of suspicion the last time she spoke to Poppy, who now rescinds her previous offer of help because she’s scared of Cinda’s whole vibe. But Mabel knows that “All is not well” is the crux of the matter, especially when Poppy becomes very anxious and demands that she leave. “You don’t know what she would do to get what she wants.”

At the same time, Charles discovers that Rose is especially happy to find her painting and give the other to Charles, instead of “that woman who came to sniff around”. And it was a woman with dark hair and glasses. Who do we know who might fit this description?

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