PlayStation announces the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, its first mobile studio – News

PlayStation announces the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, its first mobile studio – News

PlayStation announces the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, its first mobile studio – News

The general public may not know it yet, unlike the regular reader of Gamekult, for example, but Sony Interactive Entertainment has been gathering the necessary elements for the deployment of its licenses on iOS and Android devices for quite some time. This after accelerating the presence of its home exclusives on PC.

According to its strategic presentation last May, Sony Interactive Entertainment planned to favor the track of partnerships and co-developments with external studios already specialized and recognized in mobile. But the best way to ensure that the mobile versions of PlayStation licenses are treated with respect is still to welcome studios within it. This is why the group is announcing today the acquisition of its very first studio dedicated to mobile games.

Founded in 2020 by Michail Katkoff, Nadjim Adjir and Michael McManus, Savage Game Studios has offices in Berlin and Helsinki. The founders of the studio, who have worked in Wargaming, Rockstar Games, Insomniac Games and Supercell, among others, explain that they were seduced by the prospect of being able to tap into the catalog of PlayStation franchises and benefit from the group’s assistance. Savage Game Studios is already working on a AAA action game, but we won’t know right away what license this title is based on.

PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, it’s official

By this acquisition, Sony is in any case sending a first clear message to the public of its intentions to make a name for itself in the mobile market, which implies once again reassuring console purists that they will not be abandoned. and that Sony is not going to abandon the kind of productions that have made it successful over the years and especially during the PS4 generation.

We’ve assured you before when we planned to release some games on PC, and we’ll say it again today: our activities beyond the world of consoles in no way diminish our dedication to the PlayStation community, nor our passion for creating exceptional single-player narrative experiences“, therefore insists Hermen Hulst, the boss of PlayStation studios.”Savage Game Studios is integrating a new division of PlayStation Studios dedicated to mobile games, which will operate independently of our console development department. This new division focuses on creating innovative mobile experiences based on current and upcoming PlayStation franchises.

It’s been an amazing year for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gaming, with releases of major titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 22, and the long-awaited God of War Ragnarok on November 9. PlayStation VR2 is also on the horizon, promising a technology gap in presence and immersion that will be enhanced by standout games like Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Additionally, we’re proud of our upcoming PC releases, including Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will give gamers without a PlayStation console a taste of our catalog of great games developed. internally“, he adds.

Remember that in July 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment had gotten hold of its mobile director in the person of Nicola Sebastiani, a big recruit from Apple where he had been in charge of content for the Apple Arcade subscription since January 2018. This year, SIE notably recruited Kris Davis, who has just spent seven years at Kabam as head of business development, and Olivier Courtemanche, mobile product manager who spent 2 years at Disney and 6 years at Zynga.

As announced last May, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s determination to become a multi-platform publisher is such that its revenue estimates First party by March 2026 looks like this: 53% for PS5, 28% for PC and 19% for mobile. As dizzying as it may seem, Sony therefore believes that the console will only represent a little more than half of its total game sales before the end of this generation.

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