Release date, characters and everything we know about Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru

Genshin Impact update 3.0 is big. Titled The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings, patch 3.0 opens up Sumeru and introduces Genshin’s seventh and final element, Dendro. This isn’t strictly new, since Dendro has been around since the beginning of Genshin (some Hilichurl mages are able to use Dendro) – but it’s the first time the Traveler (and by extension, us) will be able to use the item .

Release date

Genshin Impact 3.0 is released on August 24. The pre-install is generally available and will likely go live the day before release, August 23rd. With pre-installation, players can log in as soon as maintenance for the new patch is complete.

Patch 3.0 will last for five weeks, instead of the usual six weeks.

New Element: Dendro

Dendro, according to an overview by Sumeru, has three key terms attached: catalysis, wisdom, and life. Mihoyo has so far revealed three of Dendro’s reactions with other elements: Burning, Bloom, and Catalysis.

  • Flowering (Dendro and Hydro) is inspired by the real-life phenomenon of flower blooming and is a combination of Hydro’s healing quality and Dendro’s ability to catalyze. Bloom will spawn Dendro Cores, which will eventually explode with AoE Dendro damage.
    • Bud: If the Dendro nuclei produced from the Bloom reactions enter Pyro or Electro, the Burgeon reaction is triggered. This can increase AoE Dendro explosive damage or trigger Hyperflowering–a reaction that turns Dendro’s cores into sprawling shots that stalk enemies.
  • Catalyze (Dendro and Electro) does not have the same strong and real inspiration as Bloom. It’s a combination of Electro’s qualities and Dendro’s keyword Wisdom. Catalyst also has a solid background, as she’s seemingly been an integral part of Sumeru’s story. Catalyze applies the Quicken effect, which increases the target’s next damage from the next Dendro or Electro damage (called Spread and Aggravate).

As the trailer explains, there’s a new system where certain features and enemies in the world will change states depending on what item you apply to them, resulting in different interactions between the player and the feature in question. In battle, if you defeat an enemy in a specific state, you might even receive special rewards.

In the same teaser, players can see the Traveler hitting a mushroom with Dendro, causing it to bloom. The traveler is then able to use the mushroom as a trampoline – an action showing Dendro’s potential to be an interesting tool in exploring the outside world.

In keeping with Genshin Impact community tradition, beta 3.0 leaks have spread online, including a full list of Dendro’s supposed reactions. While much of the information in this leak is mostly confirmed in trailers and press releases, as with anything rumored, take it with a grain of salt. We will have to wait for the release of version 3.0 to confirm the functions of Dendro.

The Sumeru Framework

Sumeru is the land of wisdom, scholars and the archon Dendro. Players probably know Sumeru as the place where Lisa, a Mondsadt character we meet at the very beginning of the game, attended school.

The organization known as Akademiya controls the state affairs of Sumeru. The Sumerians as a whole value knowledge and neither do they dream, which they are proud of, as they see it as proof of their rationality.

Sumeru’s environment is divided into two biomes: desert and rainforest. Unlike the jagged cliffs of Inazuma and the stone pillars of Liyue, the mountain slopes of Sumeru are more gentle, like those found in tropical and humid regions, according to the developers speaking in the second teaser of Sumeru. The flora and fauna of the forest have a unique evolution of Shroom-kins called Funi. The strongest Fungi have animal features, including a new chicken-slash-big-bird boss.

When players enter Sumeru, they encounter a city built on a giant tree and a group of forest spirits, who, of course, have things they need the traveler to help them with – the catalyst for the traveler to discover many different regions in Sumeru map. There’s even a mysterious giant robot stuck between the mountains, as well as huge glowing trees.

Travelers will encounter Eremites, a people from an ancient civilization in a desert. They are an independent force in Sumeru and can be considered mercenaries. In this vast desert, Sumeru also contains unique upside-down tornadoes and secret areas, including relics and enemies of the ancient fallen civilization. There is also another giant robot in the desert. The relationship between the two robots must be discovered in the game.

All of the above, however, are threatened by something that “erodes” them.

Sumeru Forest Location
Sumeru Forest Location

Sumeru’s story

A Sumeru trailer reveals that the Dendro Archon, Great Lord Rukkhadevata, is directly connected to Irminsul, the great tree whose roots form leylines. She, however, disappeared in a calamity a few hundred years ago. The Sages eventually found a reborn version of the Archon – the Little Lord Kusanali – and brought her back to Sumeru.

The 3.0 trailer also teases a festival called Sabzeruz and the birthday of the reborn Archon, where Nilou – a character who has chosen to follow the path of art and dance in a land that values ​​wisdom – will perform an important dance. There’s also a shadowy antagonistic force trying to bring back a god – believed to be the past Dendro Archon – promising “retribution” for everyone else. The Fatui are also up to something in Sumeru, according to the teaser for Teyvat’s interlude, A Winter Night’s Lazzo. At the end of the teaser, a segment of Doctor stands in front of a giant burning tree – presumably Irminsul – and Collei, a Sumerian character, wakes up from a dream.

Another problem that occurs in Sumeru is something called the Withering. True to their name, the areas of Withering seem devoid of life and the phenomenon is said to come from the depths of the world. The Rangers, as new character Sumeru Tighnari commented in the trailer, are likely to be fighting in the Withered Zones for a while.

Another lush scenery of Sumeru
Another lush setting of Sumeru

Playable Sumeru characters

Tighnari and Collei’s abilities have not been officially revealed. But reliable leakers like Honey Hunter have posted what their kits are supposed to be. We won’t go into the details of their supposed kits here, but will offer a general overview.

Tighnari and Collei are on the first banner of 3.0, in addition to a returning Zhongli banner. Dori is on the second set of 3.0 banners – the Ganyu and Kokomi replays – which will appear in the second half of the event. Collei can also be obtained for free during the Graven Innocence event.

Tighnari (Bow, Five Star, Dendro)

  • Organic : A warm young researcher. He is a Forest Watcher and Collei’s teacher.
  • Skills: Dendro AoE damage dealer. Elemental Burst allows Tighnari to unleash six Dendro Strikes that stalk enemies.

Collei (Bow, Four Star, Dendro)

  • Organic : Trainee ranger under Tighnari.
  • Abilities: Archer with a kit similar to Amber’s, but Dendro instead of Pyro. She has an attack like a Dendro boomerang that can affect multiple enemies. She also has Amber’s Baron Bunny-esque toy called Cuielen-Anbar, which upon exploding deals damage to Dendro.

Dori (Claymore, Four Stars, Electro)

  • Organic : A traveling merchant, who looks even smaller than Diona
  • Abilities: His kit is more meant to be a support. Burst will connect to a character and provide them with HP restoration, energy regeneration, and electro application.

New Events

Graven Innocence Event

  • Photo Challenge: Players can take pictures of forest animals in Sumeru and get rewards.
  • Battle Challenge: New Boss Dendro Fungi Hybrid Electro Regisvine and Chicken-Horse-Something-Hybrid.
  • Race against time challenge: Players roam the landscape in a timed challenge to collect gold coins.
  • Fight: Section I of this category contains quests titled “The Wonderful Mushrooms of Teyvat”, but also shows players battling Ruin Scouts (the jellyfish-like mechanical enemies).
  • Awards: This event notably gives new character Dendro Collei 4 stars and crowns, among the usual rewards of primogens and other character level resources.

Tablet analysis

These are the usual timed battle challenges with battle score multipliers for different selected battle conditions. There are also character buffs, for example, your current active character can receive a 110% increase in Hydro damage. Rewards include the usual primogens and resources such as EXP books, gold, character talent level materials, etc.

Lost riches

This event is a scavenger hunt and players can discover chests after defeating enemies.

Fayz essays

This one is slightly new, unlike Lost Riches we’ve seen in previous Genshin updates, in that it’s a combat challenge where players can pick up potions and deal a lot of damage. damage to enemies by capturing their weaknesses.

Teasers and Trailers

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