Rishi Sunak Reveals McDonald’s Favorite Food…That No Longer Exists |  Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak Reveals McDonald’s Favorite Food…That No Longer Exists | Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak Reveals McDonald’s Favorite Food…That No Longer Exists |  Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak’s habit of interacting slightly awkwardly with the everyday world continued after he spoke of enjoying McDonald’s breakfast wraps – an item that disappeared from the fast food chain’s UK menu almost two and a half years ago.

The former chancellor was speaking to ITV’s This Morning a day after he was pictured at a branch of McDonald’s, where he again appeared to be having a bit of trouble making a contactless card payment.

Asked by hosts Rochelle Hughes and Andi Peters what he ate, Sunak explained that it was around 7:30 a.m., so he ate a bacon roll with ketchup and pancakes.

“If I’m with my daughters, then we get the cover,” the Tory leadership hopeful continued. “My eldest daughter – if I’m with her, it’s the hash brown wrap and everything in it. This is what we do.

However, a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the chain stopped selling breakfast wraps in March 2020, a decision made permanent with an announcement in January of this year.

A source from Sunak’s campaign said he ate the wraps with his kids when they were on the menu: “I think given he’s barely seen his kids for the past two and a half years , it is likely that he did not go to McDonald’s at that time.

During his tenure as minister, and especially amid the battle to succeed Boris Johnson, Sunak and his team have sought to portray the wealthy former banker as someone nonetheless in touch with voter concerns.

A photo op for the budget in March, when he was still chancellor, showed Sunak at a gas station refueling a car that later turned out to be borrowed. He was then photographed trying to pay by holding his bank card up to a barcode scanner, rather than the payment machine.

This Thursday morning, Sunak received a half-derisive round of applause from inside the studio after the hosts said his McDonald’s photo shoot showed him paying with a card. “I managed to get out of it,” he joked.

However, some observers have raised questions over the image of Sunak holding a card against the contactless checkout point of a McDonalds self-ordering kiosk, posted on Instagram with the self-mocking caption, “Nailed.”

They pointed out that the screen displayed a message saying “Thank you for your order”, which only appears a few seconds after the payment has been processed, indicating an element of artifice.

Elsewhere in the This Morning interview, Sunak said Johnson’s latest attempts to stay in power despite dozens of ministerial resignations had been “a bit strange”.

When asked if Johnson took too long to quit, he said: “In the end it was a few days – it was a bit strange.”

Sunak confirmed that his efforts to contact Johnson after his resignation as chancellor had been rebuffed.

When asked if the prime minister is speaking to him now, Sunak replied, “No, no. I contacted him but it is understandable that he does not answer.

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