Shaquille O’Neal dances with The Inspired Unemployed and names his favorite Aussie song

Shaquille O’Neal dances with Aussie comedians The Inspired Unemployed and reveals his favorite Aussie song – but he can’t find the right words

  • Shaq is on a speaking tour of Australia, his first visit in 20 years
  • He has made several public appearances and appeared in viral videos
  • The latest appeared on TikTok with online comedians The Inspired Unemployed
  • He also baffled NRL great Matty Johns with a weird take on an Aussie classic

You have to give it to former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal for embracing and adapting Australian culture faster than you can say crikey.

The latest viral video from the 7’2” cult icon’s Australian tour saw him dancing and dancing with online comedians The Inspired Unemployed on TikTok.

In a clip titled “Funny the people you run into a walk,” the tall man dances to an original track written by TIU while comedians act as his backup dancers.

The video has been viewed more than 133,000 times in just 16 hours, with Australians loving to see Shaq dancing surrounded by dancers wearing Akubra hats and tasselled shirts.

‘What have you done today? oh just jazz hands with Shaq nbd,’ one viewer commented.

“Shaq is one of my favorite humans on the planet… he really is an amazing man,” posted another.

“Shaq is like the only American who fits so well into Australian culture,” said yet another.

Shaq groove with The Inspired Employed

The former NBA star really got in on the action

Shaq grooves with The Inspired Employed. The former NBA star really got in on the action

The inspired jobless started when Kiama traders Jack Steele and Matt Ford started comedy skits on social media platform Instagram.

Their sketches were so well received that their Instagram followers grew to 120,000 in just 10 months, allowing the duo to quit their jobs.

They’ve since graced the cover of GQ magazine, signed a fashion deal with Italian luxury brand Fendi and worked with big names in the sport, including Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist and Brett Lee.

Their videos include skits about life as a tradie, poking fun at home cultures embraced during Covid lockdowns and dancing routines whenever possible.

DJ Diesel (aka NBA legend Shaq) performs at

DJ Diesel (aka NBA legend Shaq) performs at “Let’s Be Friends 2018” in Avalon Hollywood

Shaq is doing everything he can to incorporate as much of the Australian experience as possible into his itinerary on his first trip in 20 years.

He also took the time this week to sit down with Aussie sports icons Matty Johns and Jonathan Brown, revealing his favorite Aussie song.

He tried to inspire a long chant from Men At Work’s iconic hit, Down Under, but couldn’t hold the landing.

“Can I say, can I say,” he sang to a puzzled-looking Johns.

“I think you have the words wrong,” Johns said.

“When I can, I can’t say more,” Shaw persisted, adding a few finger clicks for good measure.

“Are you sure those are the words?” Johns added.

Johns takes the hands challenge with Shaq and comes up short against his giant mitts

Johns takes the hands challenge with Shaq and comes up short against his giant mitts

By then, Shaq was lost in his own version of Down Under, including an a cappella guitar solo that sounded closer to the original song than its lyrics.

Shaq also promised he would drop the banger in his DJ sets as DJ Diesel in Sydney and Melbourne.

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