“Slang Skirt”, the latest fashion craze that costs 2,400 pesos

“Slang Skirt”, the latest fashion craze that costs 2,400 pesos

“Slang Skirt”, the latest fashion craze that costs 2,400 pesos

Sloping skirt. (Instagram/Cecilia Mexico)

Slang skirts are the latest Mexican fashion craze. AndFor the past few days, this article from the Cecilia Mexico brand has been stealing the conversation of Internet users on social networks., It couldn’t be cheaper: it costs 2,400 pesos and, literally, that’s slang (which costs less than 20 pesos per meter in any market). The comic creativity typical of these cases has long been accompanied by jokes and memes that have served to portray such a peculiar prop.

But it’s not enough. It’s never enough for fashion innovators. Turns out, the slang skirt is just one piece of clothing in a whole collection of slang-based items: sweatshirts, baby clothes, and even surfboard covers. Can’t complain about the lack of variety, wow. In other words: designers care little or nothing if their creations make people laugh, if in the end someone will still be ready to buy it – they even say that creativity is not for everyone –.

And maybe you should give them a point: you have to have the creativity to find the sparkle in something so mundane. However, in reality, nowadays, everything is likely to become a luxury.We should start taking better care of the things we have in our house: we don’t know when it will happen to someone that the broom has powers that we newbies would never have noticed on our own . Because it’s something else: we always need someone to open our eyes to the world. cold trends.

Let’s be honest: these types of accessories are sure to die over time, they’re trendy for a reason. Yes, they are likely to be recycled over time (slang designs have popped up in the past with more or less similar reactions), but luckily there is still huge wiggle room in areas like this- ci – and hopefully some slang. The price is not. Then go through the roof. The much cheaper and less pretentious Coyoacán slang sweater will always be around for those who love them.

What is surprising is that there are people who pay for it. Or maybe it’s worth taking a step back and asking: is it really that surprising? We may have gotten used to it: to brands that sell expensive goods, with the old pretext that they “provide status” or “sell experience”, when their value is reduced to this: highlighting an image, a logo, something that sets them apart. It doesn’t matter how useful it is or the “effort” behind an idea. As long as it serves to promote flashy exclusivity, they can say they’re doing their job pretty well. Who over there buys it and feels special to have it.

The idea that condition matters as much or more than product is what got us to the point of no return, in which a twenty peso case sold for 2,000 because the people who designed it wanted it. , Because they believe in the illusion that every idea is valuable and deserves to be recognized and appreciated by the whole world.

But he’s too quick to give it all up to lose. A final trivia warehouse is still available, in the style of Tec de Monterrey’s “Impossible Tasks”. And there are still people who do what it takes to be in such absurd contexts: take a keyboard and write that it’s funny, make a meme, a joke, whatever, but have a fight: don’t any scammer who can’t believe his pranks can be equipped with creativity.

As long as there are laughs, there is a whole collection of jargon and whatever comes to mind.

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