Suspect’s Aidan Turner shares inspiration for a real-life role

The suspect Star Aidan Turner has shared the heartwarming real-life inspiration behind his new role.

The suspect is a new ITV psychological thriller show, which stars Turner as Doctor Joe O’Loughlin, a successful clinical psychologist who is drafted in to investigate a death in his town. But he is dealing with a degenerative disease of his own, which is affecting his behavior.

Speaking of the inspiration behind his new role, Turner said: “When we meet Joe, he’s just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. So you wonder if what’s going on with him is part of the condition.

Aidan Turner, the suspect


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“I met a musician called Drew Hallam who was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s about five years ago when he was 35. We’ve met a few times to talk about how he’s coping with the disease and deal with it. We also talked about how it was for him in the beginning.

“Something struck me in one of the first conversations we had when he said how difficult it was when you were young with this disease. He said there were support groups , but that Parkinson’s doesn’t usually affect young people. Drew went to one of those support groups early on and he was the youngest there,” he explained.

Then he talked about some of the things he had discussed with Drew about the disease.

“We talked about the side effects of the drugs, how he deals with the physical side of things. When it’s better, when it’s worse, under stress or under duress. Every day is a different challenge, he said. – he says. Some are better than others.”

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“Talking with someone so open and sincere about his experience has been very beneficial. I’m grateful to Drew for that,” Turner added.

He also talked about a device Drew showed him to control his tremors and how he wanted to make the role as authentic as possible.

“It’s like anything, you do as much research as you can, read, watch videos, talk to people, etc.,” he said.

“We wanted to keep the tremor subtle because Joe was recently diagnosed, but enough that it read on camera. It was important to get it right. Parkinson’s affects different people in different ways. We don’t see not often a main character with Parkinson’s. . So it was interesting to tackle that.”

The suspect premieres Monday August 29 on ITV and ITV Hub.

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