The Sandman Cat Episode Boss Explains The Surprise Cameo

The sand manthe bonus episode of Dream of a thousand cats surprised viewers with its mere existence since no one knew an extra episode was dropping. But an appearance in the animated episode delighted and surprised viewers even more.

The sand man creator Neil Gaiman, who wrote the original comic book series the series is based on, made a guest appearance as the crow in the episode, which was directed by fact Hisko Hulsing. digital spy spoke to Hulsing about his work on the episode and his experience directing Gaiman.

sandra oh as the prophet, the sandman bonus episode


“I’m pretty sure it was his own idea. Here’s another thing I can brag about in the pub. I directed Neil Gaiman! But like all good actors, he didn’t need a lot of direction,” Hulsing said.

“I was just watching him in a sound booth on Zoom, doing all these variations of his lines. I gave him a few little notes, but this guy really knows what he’s doing.”

Hulsing said screenwriter Catherine S. Mullen, who penned the episode, kept the story very close to the original comic, but that some “small parts” of the comic weren’t absolutely crucial to the episode. story and therefore did not translate into the episode.

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“Usually in animation, when it’s done responsibly, you don’t animate anything unless you’re sure it’s going to end up in the movie. It’s just too expensive to do that and it’s demotivating. for performers to expend all their energy and creativity on a scene only to find out later that it was cut,” Hulsing said.

“However, if something didn’t work, I would definitely cut it, but that didn’t happen. The key to any animated story is storyboards. Once we nailed down the mobile storyboard and everyone, including Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg and David S. Goyer agreed on the main decisions I made, we stuck to them as much as possible.”

tom sturridge as morpheus in the sandman


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Hulsing continued, “Each step in the process is carefully prepared before starting. Once a script is as good as this, the foundation is so solid that we can rely on it completely.”

The sand man was created by Gaiman alongside wonder woman the scribe Allan Heinberg and The black Knight trilogy author David S. Goyer. Dream of a thousand cats follows the world of several felines, including one voiced by Sandra Oh, who recruits other cats to dream of a world where cats are the dominant species to make it a reality.

The sand man season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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