Three Amazing Cryptos You Might Regret Skipping: Uniglo (GLO), F…

Three Amazing Cryptos You Might Regret Skipping: Uniglo (GLO), F…

Three Amazing Cryptos You Might Regret Skipping: Uniglo (GLO), F…

FOMO – fear of missing something. This is one of the main motivations for retail investors when buying a cryptocurrency. They see the price go up and they don’t want to miss anything, so they show up only to see the price go down. On the opposite we have FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. FUD makes investors quick to sell or hesitant to buy an asset as its price drops. These two emotional responses contradict the main principle of investing – buy low and sell high.

Here are two cryptocurrencies that are near their lows and a brand new one that deserves FOMO right now while their price is low.

Uniglo (GLO) — diversification made easy

Uniglo is the new kid on the block. However, this new kid is becoming very popular. Currently, GLO is in ICO mode. This token is not just a cryptocurrency. It’s more like an ETF. As the platform matures, GLO will be backed by an ever-growing trove of digital assets. All you have to do to get exposure to a diversified portfolio is buy and hold the GLO token – it’s simple. This simplicity could making GLO the first DeFi token to see mass adoption that would send it to the moon.

Uniglo is a DAO. This means that all holders of the token can vote on which assets are purchased, when to take profits, and how much of those profits to use to redeem and burn GLO tokens. Investments will include cryptocurrencies, NFTs and tokenized assets like gold and expensive collectibles that are beyond the reach of the average investor.


Which brings us to another point. Not only does the GLO cash rise forever (due to a purchase and sale tax that funds the cash), but the circulating supply of the token also shrinks forever, making it a coveted deflationary token. In addition to using profits to burn tokens, 2% of all secondary market GLO sales are burned. Together, this dual-layer burning mechanism is designed to keep the price of the token stable or rising. This makes GLO the ideal long-term game. You buy and keep forever to create a generational legacy that will change your life for you and your family.

You can participate in the private GLO presale on the website for the low price of $0.013. This price will increase before launch, as any unsold tokens will be burned before being released to the public.

Fantom (FTM) – a blockchain designed for DeFi

Fantom is a layer 1 blockchain designed for DeFi. Fantom, like most altcoins, is just emerging from the oversold zone. It is currently hovering around 37 cents. Although it is likely to drop below 30 RSI once more before climbing to new highs, the potential downside of around 33% is a drop in the ocean compared to the potential 300% upside at 800%. While Fantom is young, it is best to swing trade this one as it is going to be volatile in the short term. If one were to invest a modest amount of money in FTM now, one could see some nice gains over the next 6 months. And if the price drops before then, they could buy a bit more and see even bigger gains when the price moves back into overbought territory.

Polygon (MATIC) – Ethereum’s main layer 2 chain

Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain that is faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum. Transactions on the network are aggregated and then sent back to the Ethereum network which is more decentralized. MATIC recently caught fire and its price has tripled in the past two months. However, it could still easily double before the end of the year as Ethereum switches to proof-of-stake mining. In the long term, Polygon should keep pace with Ethereum, making it a good long-term investment. Currently standing at just under $1, several analysts predict that it could increase tenfold over the next five years.

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