What is an orange traffic warning?  August bank holiday alert explained

What is an orange traffic warning? August bank holiday alert explained

What is an orange traffic warning?  August bank holiday alert explained

Cars in a long traffic jam

Could there be road disruptions this weekend? (Picture: Getty)

For many of us in the UK (minus the Scots), Monday August 29 is a public holiday.

That means we have a three-day weekend stretching ahead of us, bringing with it the potential for days out in the car, festival trips or beach visits, or local nature highlights.

Alas, there will be a lot of people on the roads – as the AA has issued an ‘orange warning’ warning of the possibility of congestion.

But what should drivers know about this amber warning, and where might it be affected?

Here’s what we know.

What is an orange traffic warning?

The AA is an automobile association that has existed since 1905.

It is perhaps best known for providing cover in the event of a breakdown, if your car needs repairs, as well as driving lessons – but it also helps drivers plan their routes and keeps them informed about traffic .

The AA – formerly called the Automobile Association – has shared a traffic warning (Picture: Getty)

Their orange traffic warning was issued because the association expects around 45 per cent of UK drivers – almost half – to make leisure journeys during the public holiday, between Friday and Monday.

The warning is simply in place to inform drivers that the roads are expected to be particularly congested during the time it is issued.

GEM Motoring Assist tweeted: “Make sure you plan ahead, know your route and know where you will be parking.

“Don’t forget drinks and snacks in case your trip is delayed.”

While you shouldn’t let the traffic warning ruin your plans, it’s worth bearing in mind – and, as the AA says, make sure you’ve allowed plenty of time to make your trip. .

This is the second time a traffic warning has been issued by the AA, following the first in July.

What areas are affected by the August bank holiday traffic warning?

Traffic is expected to peak on Saturday August 27 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the AA said.

Planned traffic hotspots include:

  • M4/M5 interchange near Bristol
  • M1 between the M25 and Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
  • M6/M42 Interchange in Birmingham
  • M62 between Liverpool and Manchester.

However, these are not the only areas to watch.

Events taking place this weekend include CarFest South in Hampshire and major music festivals in Reading and Leeds.

There’s a full schedule of football matches for the coming weekend, plus an England v South Africa test cricket match in Manchester – and, in Scotland, the Edinburgh Fringe is drawing to a close.

Person in car touching steering wheel

It’s worth allowing plenty of time for your trip (Picture: Getty)

AA Patrol of the Year Sean Sidley added of the warning: “This year we expect up to 15 million trips to be made during the August Bank Holiday as families make the most of the warm weather and have one last hurrah before the new school year.

“With events and festivals fully back to normal, localized congestion will peak at closing time around major venues, but the rest of the UK could see peak journeys throughout Saturday.

“Traffic is expected to resume from Monday afternoon through Tuesday, so allow plenty of time if traveling then.

“Routes to and from resorts and beauty spots will be some of the busiest, so drivers should plan ahead and check your car before setting off.”

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