With the world as a backdrop Stockholm Fashion Week SS23 takes shape

With the world as a backdrop Stockholm Fashion Week SS23 takes shape

With the world as a backdrop Stockholm Fashion Week SS23 takes shape

The cornerstones of Sweden’s character as a country have always been humanitarianism, solidarity and a sense of shared responsibility. Although these may seem rare in today’s talk, the Swedish Fashion Association continues to embrace these values ​​in its curation of Stockholm Fashion Week which runs from August 31 to September 2. . We build and maintain a platform with the aim of showcasing a range of Swedish talent, creativity and commitment to people as well as the environment now and in the future. Beyond Swedish brands, there will be round tables with European parliamentarians, virtual reality shows, as well as fashion shows by Ukrainian designers.

We are proud to announce a new week in which the fashion brands and designers of tomorrow will be able to present their work and what they stand for. This year Stockholm Fashion Week is kicked off by the Swedish School of Textiles producing a show with around 30 graduate students at Stadsgårdsterminalen, which this year serves as a hub for shows, exhibitions and performances for the enjoyment of the public. This year also for the public. A late edition to the program is Ellen Elias with EllenXStudio, which, along with an array of talented creatives, is producing a fashion show and performance at ArkDes on Tuesday night.

Louise Xin Couture, as the first Scandinavian rent-only fashion brand, will host a fashion show with WAY gallery on Wednesday afternoon where guests are invited to dress in all white as she showcases her latest collection. Louise is also known for her award-winning work as a human rights and environmental activist. The show will be shown on screens in 6 European countries and in a variety of city centers.

Beyond producing a show, Louise Xin and the Swedish Fashion Association are making way for Friday’s humanitarian efforts with a panel made up of MEP Raphaël Glucksmann, as well as an activist, writer and daughter of his father who is now imprisoned in Uyghur Chinese Concentration Camps, Jewher Ilham. Jewher Ilham and Raphaël Glucksmann are joined by industry expert Cay Bond, as well as actress and champion of sustainable fashion, Alicia Agneson. The panel will discuss human rights and other textile and fashion issues around the world that need to be addressed if the industry is to continue to exist.

Sustainability in different forms this year is a hygienic factor that all size brands must have clearly stated their goal of how to address in order to be on the calendar. With that in mind, Stockholm’s fashion district will hold its annual Incentive to Action Award at Stockholm’s Nobis Hotel on Wednesday. This thread continues on Thursday with STYLES and Sellpy producing a fashion show comprised entirely of pre-loved fashion at Fotografiska. Immediately after, the Imaskopis event at Stadsgårdsterminalen, just a few minutes walk away, where Nelly Skog will present her knitted collections.

On Thursday morning, Brixtol Textiles will host a breakfast presentation and rebranding event at Liljevalchs, one of Stockholm’s largest art centers. To end this evening, the public has three opportunities to appreciate Swedish creativity. By STHLM Misc at Stadsgårdsterminalen, an exhibition that turns into a musical performance, which then turns into a fashion show. By The Forumist, an event in Hallwylska filled with exhibitions and performances by Swedish designers and artists. And back in Stockholm, J. Lindeberg with their major event held at Space Stockholm for their upcoming collections.

Stockholm Fashion Week looks ahead on Friday with a variety of events at Blique by Nobis. Placebo Digital Fashion House will host a show for its ready-to-wear collection entirely in virtual reality and will show us the opportunities of digital fashion for the digital and physical world. Then come five Ukrainian brands that we are proud to welcome during Stockholm Fashion Week; Alona Cini, Leko, Limarenko, Pitaya and Purpure Queen. As their own platform is threatened by circumstances, we are happy to give them a chance to showcase their work in Sweden.

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