Yoshitaka Amano and GensoKishi Form New Partnership to Introduce Limited Collaboration NFTs

Yoshitaka Amano and GensoKishi Form New Partnership to Introduce Limited Collaboration NFTs

Yoshitaka Amano and GensoKishi Form New Partnership to Introduce Limited Collaboration NFTs

In 2022, the term “metaverse” is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics among many circles in many different countries. What started as a simple concept with real-world applications and use cases based purely on science fiction has now become a reality for big companies like Samsung, Emirates and JPMorgan, all of which have already implemented their own service and feature oriented metaverse.

Needless to say, the metaverse will therefore only grow in popularity and usage over time, especially in the gaming industry due to the compatibility of this new technology with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and Play-to. -Concept of winning (P2E).

GensoKishi Online is another example of how the metaverse concept is used in the real world in addition to how it works with these other emerging technologies. GensoKishi Online has therefore proudly announced that applications for the “Whitelist Lottery” for the NFT collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano have been opened, with lottery winners eligible to participate in the presale. The application period will also end on August 31 at 7:00 p.m. (GMT+8), so time is running out. The winners will be announced on September 2 via email.

What is GensoKishi Online?

GensoKishi Online Metaworld is a new NFT and metaverse version of GensoKishi Online, a popular game that won Taiwan’s “Game of the Year Gold Award” in 2012 and gained more than 8 million players so far. It’s basically a metaverse iteration of “Elemental Knights,” an award-winning game available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 consoles.

The game effectively uses blockchain technology to create a digital global ecosystem. GenoKishi Online Metaworld brings together the key components of Web3 with the metaverse, with the overall goal being to create a fully virtual environment that is larger than the real world and will continue to grow and implement exciting new features in the future.

What has GensoKishi Online achieved so far?

The GensoKishi website and corresponding social media channels were launched last December. Currently, Genso has reached a number of major milestones, such as gaining 100,000 registered community members in just under 3 weeks after the website went public, with the current number standing at 280,0000. .

Additionally, GensoKishi experienced a record IDO (initial DEX offering) on ​​TrustPad, one of the best multi-chain decentralized fundraising platforms in the world. It sold out in just 20 seconds by FCFS and if that wasn’t a strong enough indication of GensoKishi’s popularity and success, the launch pool on Bybit, a leading digital currency exchange, had reached 69. 000 participants (a new record) alongside more than 22 billion. in the stakes that were for the MV token.

Finally, GensoKishi was even inducted into MEXC’s “Kickstarter Hall of Fame” after reaching 500% of their overall voting goal in just 10 minutes. GensoKishi was officially listed on MEXC in early 2012.

The Yoshitaka Amano Collab

In this industry, establishing key strategic partnerships is often the key to long-term survival and prosperity. GensoKishi is no different, and so the NFT collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano will feature non-fungible tokens based on extremely rare gear that will give metaverse characters a boost. Additionally, it will also simplify the process of collecting GensoKishi tokens that can be earned by playing.

The person responsible for designing the project of 8 pieces of equipment for the wearable characters, 10 for men and 10 for women, is Mr. Amano himself. With the design draft serving as the basis, 3D data is generated and 8 pieces with the 10 types are randomly combined to create 11,000 NFTs, resulting in a one-of-a-kind limited edition collaboration gear design.

As to why this matters, the gear users wear on their characters in GensoKishi is directly tied to overall strength, and the stronger the gear they wear, the more tokens they can potentially earning in the metaverse is high. Finally, GensoKishi tokens can then be converted into crypto. Since NFTs have asset value, playing with Amano’s collaborative NFT gear will therefore allow users to generate the tokens seamlessly.

Important collaboration details

There will be 11,000 unique NFTs as mentioned earlier, with a pre-sale price set at 400 USDT. It should also be noted that although the public sale price has not yet been announced, only a limited amount of supplies will be sold during the presale, which means that the presale price would be considerably lower compared to the price of public sale.

Additionally, users will be able to purchase the NFTs via USDT or GensoKishi’s MV token, depending on their preference. Finally, the public sale is currently scheduled for the end of September and the priority sales for MT stakers (based on staking rank) will be around the beginning of October.

In addition, although only whitelisted addresses are allowed to access the special page from which the GensoKishi Marketplace can be accessed, not all whitelisted addresses will be able to make a purchase since priority will be given to the one who buys first.

Moreover, these Unique NFTs will initially be distributed as eggs drawn by Amano, which would include important information such as the name of the original character’s design and whether it is male or female. The design will be unveiled at the end of October. Finally, the buyer will be able to view the design on NFTs via the GensoKishi Marketplace, but only after the reveal will users be allowed to view their individual avatars.

Open beta and future plans

Open Beta 1 will take place in late August or early September until the end of September, and Open Beta 2 will start from late September until just before the official release. Compatibility for desktop, iOS and Android devices has also been supported (iOS version is tentatively scheduled for late August to mid-September).

Moreover, some important features are associated with the open beta update, which is scheduled from late September to mid-October. These include banking features, MV/ROUND integration, fan club membership-based abilities, and last but not least, repairing and upgrading fashionable NFT gear.

As for future projects, GensoKishi wants to provide an unforgettable metaverse experience where users can enjoy the full potential and benefits of this new technology. UGC (User Generated Contents) will therefore play an important role in this regard, and a digital mall complete with all kinds of different stores is also in the works alongside a metaverse museum from where users can actually buy various items that are exposed.

Finally, regarding the GensoKishi Marketplace, the team plans to create a system in the future that will allow the buying and selling of non-fungible tokens, as well as the buying and selling of real products other than NFTs. . Work is also underway on corporate partnerships and the development of market pages dedicated to each project. Moreover, by the end of 2022, the GensoKishi market will have the capacity to accept not only MV and crypto tokens like BTC or ETH, but also fiat currencies like USD and JPY.

Stay up to date with all important information through the official GensoKishi website and the Telegram, Discord and Twitter canals.

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